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So vividly rendered

Joanne visited over 3,000 painted lemons over seven years, visiting dozens of countries, working her way into private museums, deep storage, personal collections, antique malls and public archives. None of the vivid descriptions she wrote during this period tell us anything about the paintings themselves, their histories, subjects, authors, or allegories. The journals are detailed, devotional accounts of the handling of paint, color, tone and mood of each lemon. Here we find 104 lemons, each corresponding to a description. The lemons have been selected and paired with a description based on the language used in Joanne's journals from this period. These are mere approximations of the lemons described.

In an attempt to retrace her steps, there will be another exhibition, more closely examining the descriptions with modeled lemons created based on the descriptions in May, 2019 at Napoleon in Philadelphia. If anyone recognizes these lemons from paintings seen, please send an image of the painting, and the lemon's reference number to lydiarosenberg@gmail.com

Part of Betrothal Social at Post Script Gallery, organized by Pernot Hudson.