Dear friends,

Join me on Sunday July 24, 12-5pm, to celebrate Lydia Rosenberg, the inaugural exhibition at Phelan Sculpture Park.

1. Lydia Rosenberg: Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Lydia studied Intermedia at Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, OR (BFA), and interdisciplinary art at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, PA (MFA). She returned to Pittsburgh after completing her MFA in 2015, and will soon be moving to Cincinnati to teach foundations at the University of Cincinnati. Some of her work can be seen at and She has been reading Franz Kafka’s “The Burrow” and Giorgio Agamben’s “Friendship.” If you too are interested in reading these texts, please let me know. I would be happy to share them with you.

2. Phelan Sculpture Park: Located in my backyard, 3034 Brereton St., Pittsburgh, Phelan Sculpture Park presents occasional day-long outdoor exhibitions and other events as they arise. Please come in the spirit of intellectual generosity and curiosity. I offer my time and space so that we may share ideas about art in informal and open-ended ways.

3. Thematic menu: There will always be an offering of food and drinks at Phelan Sculpture Park thematically tied to the program of the day. For this iteration, we will have a lot of root vegetables and other earthy edibles that come from digging up dirt. There will also be a grill so feel free to bring whatever you’d like to put on there, and drinks you’d like to drink.

Yours sincerely,
Liz Park



In Kafka’s “The Burrow,” a creature in its elaborate underground dwelling keeps a storage of meats as a trophy of his paranoid, solitary life spent digging, hunting, and ensnaring other creatures. We offer what we imagine might spill out of his “Castle Keep” had the creature been into human food: cellar-aged and smoked cheeses and hunks of ham. To this, we add roots of vegetables and fruits of vines, things that the creature may have tossed aside or upturned during its subterranean expeditions and occasional surfacings.

Offerings from Castle Keep: maple baked ham, smoked gouda, cave-aged cheddar, manchego curado
Served with the uprooted: sweet potato casserole, roasted carrots, wasabi nori potato salad, chilled green bean salad with pepitas, tomato feta salad, corn on the cob, mounds of grapes