photo credit Ava Hassinger

Lydia Rosenberg 

The Complete Subject

May 3rd – May 26th, 2019


The complete subject, is part of an ongoing project that considers the act of writing a fiction-novel-in-progress as a manual for exploring forms of representation as they transition from one state to another. In this exhibition, Lydia Rosenberg records the shifts from fruit to painting to text and back to object. The thing in question is a manifestation and exchange with one storyline of the in-progress novel.

Joanne (the narrowly focused middle age divorcee and peripheral character in the novel) is given a voice through the ongoing collection of journal entries she has written during a mid-late life crisis where she goes off in search of every instance of a painted image of a lemon. Each journal entry is a record of one such painted lemon.

In response to the idea of visiting and indexing hundreds and hundreds of painted lemons, Rosenberg produces an imaginary scenario where all of the described lemons become three dimensional again and share a space together.

Napoleon : Philadelphia May 2019

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